Mama & Me Special Session Event {Greenwood, SC Photographer}

“There will be so many times you think you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child, you are super mom”- stephanie precourt

when i read this quote i thought of the many times over my daughter’s 10 year life that i have worried and wondered if my decisions are the best ones…am i being too strict with her or too lenient…did i make too big a deal out of a situation or did i not give enough attention to another one…am i helping her to be a strong, confident girl or am i making her insecure about her abilities…is it ok to tell her she’s beautiful or does that lead her to believe that beauty is of the most importance?  so many questions and so few answers for mothers.

but there was one day, while having a brief conversation with my daughter, that i realized she is oblivious to my daily struggles with motherhood and what she sees in me is something that i never see in myself…she actually does see “super mom”.  she sees the woman who drives for school field trips, the woman who taught her to make english muffin pizzas, the woman who takes her to the pool all summer long, and the woman who sleeps with her when she’s sick.  she doesn’t know that i secretly hate to drive for field trips, that we only made english muffin pizzas for the first time because i was too lazy to cook a “real dinner”, that we go to the pool so much because i love to lay in the sun and read a book, or that the real reason i sleep with her when she’s sick is because i’m too tired to trapse up and down the steps from room to room in the middle of the night.  she doesn’t know all the craziness going on in my head…and that all that craziness prevents me from seeing myself through her eyes.  but when i did get a rare glimpse of that “super mom” that she sees, it was the most wonderful gift i’ve ever received.  and it inspired me to create a special portrait event for moms.

“mama & me” sessions are designed to capture the love and interactions between mother and child…to see from another perspective what your relationship looks like.  to have memories and images that will stop the hands of time and capture the “here and now” of your relationship forever.

i promise you that your children want you in their photos.  while you want images of your children now, so you can always remember this time in their lives, when they are older they will want to look back and see what mom looked like when they were younger.  i bet you wished you had more photos of you and your mom from when you were younger.  but guess what, she was probably in the same place you are in all the pictures, behind the lens and not in front of it.  so now’s the time to get out from behind the camera and to get in front of it.

and please don’t try the “i need to lose some weight first” excuse for not doing this session.  as women and mothers we’re rarely (if ever) happy with how we look.  it’s just part of that craziness going on in our head causing us to constantly doubt ourselves.  but i can guarantee you that your kids don’t care.  and when they’re grown and showing your grandkids these pictures, your grandkids aren’t going to care either.    so get over it!  don’t let your insecurities prevent you from giving this gift to yourself and your children…after all, you really are super mom!

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